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Vital Alert Sensor Mat

Measure your Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Analyze Your Sleep for a Healthier, Happier Life

Harnessing technology to monitor patient’s vital signs and conditions remotely, the Vital Alert Sensor Mat enables contactless & continuous monitoring, without having to attach any leads or equipment on the patient’s body to measure Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and Bed Exit Alert, maximizing patient comfort.

How the Sensor Mat Works


Easily deployable to monitor many patients real-time vital signs wireless through and central dashboard and control stations improving the productivity and quality of care by healthcare professionals.

Monitoring dashboard and mobile devices will be able to receive readings and notifications of abnormalities to react instantly, improving patient safety and increasing productivity by reducing scheduled rounding to manual obtain vital signs readings and providing historical data to analyse sleep quality. 

Monitoring Solutions


Institutionalized Solutions:
• Central management platform
• Cloud data analysis & early warning system (Heart rate, respiratory, bed exit, sleep analysis, alert notifications)
• Vital signs monitoring sensor mat, and integration with other smart medical devices such as blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, or wearables, etc

Home Solutions:
• Multiple data transfer options; wireless solutions includes Bluetooth, Wifi, eSIM, 4G
• Providing API interface to support third-party customer cloud data connection
• Localized private deployment of cloud systems to solve scenarios that do not support cloud data
• Providing interface SDK, and the device can be directly connected to the third-party system
• Vital signs monitoring sensor mat, and integration with other smart medical devices

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Specifications & Design

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